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SocialCorner is a Social Network with a structure about of Individuals, Free Professionals, Companies and Entities, which could be connection with one or every types of relationships, such as kinship, friendship, hobbies, common interests or economic exchanges.

Participating in this Social Network, you can share your knowledge and to show that personals elements to complete your Space of SocialCorner, expanding with this way the essence of the Social Network.

New Users

As a visitor, you have access every spaces of SocialCorner, as well as, of course, to access the rest of the page as an anonymous browser.

With this way, you have a vision very complete, which allow to have sufficient information to decide, or not, to integrate in our Community, being a member in the corresponding type.

New Members

If you registration , you have the possibility to participate in our Social Network. You have your Space, where you can incorporate Technical Data, Texts and Photos. Likewise, you can create Links to other sites of interest.

In this Space, you can restrict the access the others members about your contents.

The Technical Data will be provided by ThingCorner, so when you complete correctly it, you can catalog and ordering your Objects. With the Technical Data, and completed with the Objects correctly, you can sell through ThingCorner.

SocialCorner permit the register new Members like: Private, Free Professional, Company and Entity. Once registration is completed, you should to send us the Documentation required in each case.

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