The structure of the Portal has been developed from the null Diffusion of the content, by default, the maximum dissemination of the same, when you voluntarily each partner will most public access areas.

The ThingCorner Portal consists of five areas that operate independently, but are interrelated so that they complement, providing the means needed to achieve the "Object" ThingCorner Portal.

- The Red "SocialCorner" which covers the whole development of the Social Network itself.

- The "Forum" as a means to enrich the discussion topics proposed by the contributions of all who want it.

- The "Shortcuts to Social Networks" in which it participates ThingCorner that are FaceBook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Picasa and Windows Live.

- The "Free Market", the section containing ideas and parts, dividing the latter in Objects, Antiques and Modern Art.

- The "Supplementary Information", which contains the Gallery, Events, Links, and Investment Publication.

In this area you can access different information, we provided additional information to document the "Ideas" and "Pieces" we believe in our interest.

Access is free to all surf anonymously visit the Site.

In the section "Gallery" are filed all the "Ideas" and "Pieces", which by its nature, keep ThingCorner considered interesting for consultation.

The "Search", acts simultaneously on the existing tabs in the free marketplace of ideas in the Free Market Parts in the Gallery of Ideas Gallery and Parts.


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