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Old wooden ball. Bowling. S.XIX
300€ / 337$
Ref. A-G3-A-V-B 1433 Bola

Author: Unknown
Period: First half of XIX Century

Conservation: Very good
Material: Wood
Measures [Height x Width x Depth]  
9'9 x 9'9 x 9'9 inc.
21.59 oz

Description: Beautiful wooden ball with a very interesting natural patina. It is untouched. It shows on its surface marks that time has left, which gives it a special appeal. You can see remnants of parallel circular marks, probably of a manual lathe used for its manufacture. Circular marks could be a one-ball game, bowling. He has a significant lack of 'a small piece of wood', which adds more interest to his current appearance. The wood is high density, which provides such a high weight. We think that it can be dated in the eighteenth, and even earlier. Balls with these types of patinas, are difficult to find. Because the differences in tonalities between photos and reality are inevitable, it must be borne in mind that the color tones of the photos are not exactly the same as the tones of the actual colors. It presents the own attrition of its time, as well as some stains. It has small damages. The data provided here are unconfirmed personal opinions.

Antiques >> Decoration >> Complements >> Balls >> Old wooden ball. Bowling. S.XIX
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