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Book 'Leyendas de Murcia' María Luisa Vallejo and Guijarro. 1959
35€ / 39$

Theme: Legends
Author: María Luisa Vallejo y Guijarro
Period: Second half of XX Century
Year: 1959

Conservation: Good
Measures [Height x Width]  
19'5 x 13'9 inc.
6.56 oz

Editor: Unknown
Printer: Imprenta de Falange, Aguirre 3. Cuenca.

Description: Nice book legends of Murcia written by María Luisa Vallejo and Guijarro, and María Luisa Sánchez Vallejo. 1959. Exemplary with full text. Soft covers. Cover page. Nostalgic porch. Chapters. Exercises and suggestions and index. 239 pages. Some defects in the front and rear covers. Because differences in tonalities between photos and reality are inevitable, it must be borne in mind that the color tones of the photos are not exactly the same as the tones of the actual colors. The book presents the own attrition of its time, as well as some stains. It has small damages. The data provided here are unconfirmed personal opinions.

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