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Plate Satsuma Meiji.
150€ / 168$
Ref. A.G2.M.INT.COM.PLA.2605.PlatoMeiji

Author: Unknown
Period: Indeterminate

Conservation: Bad
Material: Crockery.
Measures [Height x Width x Depth]  
0.83 x 5.63 x 5.63 inc.

Description: - Earthenware plate of acceptable quality, made in Japan, probably at the time of the Meiji Era (1868-1912), with a circular shape, incorporating the “Navy Blue” of the classic Imperial Satsuma Style.
- The plate is in poor condition, although it has very little wear, especially in the gilding that is preserved quite well.
- The Defects detected in the Plate are the following: A significant chipping on the edge, due to a blow. An important lack in the White Enamel of the dragon's head, due to its manufacture. Several bubbles and in particular a rosary of them in the "Navy Blue" Enamel on the back, due to their manufacture.
- The Dish has a medium thickness, without sound to the touch, made with a light beige Earthenware, giving a yellowish appearance result with the base enamel. The entire enamel of the Plate is cracked in very small fractions. The Earthenware contains tiny black particles, which could bring you closer to the quality of the stoneware.
- On its Obverse, the Plate has “Gold” backgrounds, crossed by a “Navy Blue” band with golden flowers, and a central Medallion of concentric circles “Gold” and “Navy Blue”, for which the dark tones dominate. It has drawn several characteristic Japanese figures. Two women expressing tolerance and five men expressing aggressiveness. All figures are intertwined by a Dragon with white enamel relief scales.
- On the Reverse, the Plate is enameled in “Navy Blue”, except for the underside of its base, which has been left White, and on which the Brand Seal is stamped. This Seal includes a gold "Circle with a Cross" on a brown base, Sign of the Monk Shimazu. Likewise, the rest of the Signs that appear on the Seal probably identify the place where it was manufactured and the name of the manufacturer.
- After analyzing the plate carefully, we have come to the conclusion that the technique used is mixed, using stickers on some parts and drawing most of the plate by hand.
- All these characteristics that the Dish has, provide a very interesting patina, with a very attractive and quality appearance.

Comments: - Both the Measurements and the Weight are approximate.
- Very interesting as a collector's item and decorative element.
- Spectacular in a lighted niche, with minimalist decoration.
- Because differences in shades between photos and reality are inevitable, it must be kept in mind that the tones of the colors of the photos are not exactly the same as the tones of the real colors.
- The Object presents the wear typical of its time, as well as some stains. It has small flaws.
- The data provided here are unconfirmed personal opinions.

Modern >> Decoration >> Complements >> Plates >> Plate Satsuma Meiji.
Modern >> Decoration >> Complements >> Plates >> Plate Satsuma Meiji.
Modern >> Decoration >> Complements >> Plates >> Plate Satsuma Meiji.
Modern >> Decoration >> Complements >> Plates >> Plate Satsuma Meiji.
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