>> Construction. Concreting. Cassinello. 1974
Construction. Concreting. Cassinello. 1974
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Full tittle: Construction. Concreting. Cassinello. 1974
Theme: Construction. Concreting.
Author: Fernando Cassinello Pérez
Period: Second half of XX Century
Year: 1974

Conservation: Very good
Measures [Height x Width]  
10.43 x 7.09 inc.
0.06 oz

Editor: Editorial Rueda.
Printer: Artes Gráficas MAG, S.L.

Language: Español.
Edition: First
Quantity: Unknown
ISBN: 84-7207-007-7
Measurements: Thick: 3,3 cm.
Pages: Text 656. Numerous illustrations inserted in the text..
Quality: Sewn binding of very good
High quality thick paper.
Hard covers of very good
Conservation: Good.
Description of the Content:
- The book, written in Spanish, is conceived as a work and consultation tool, both for professionals or students of construction, and for any other person interested in the subject of architecture and construction. The content is very well structured and of great interest.
- The author Fernando Cassinello Pérez, Doctor Architect, Professor of Construction at E.T.S.A.M., compiles and arranges all the extensive information, which he elaborates to present it in the book in a simple and didactic way.
- The book is profusely illustrated, both with drawings and with photographs, which allows a visual aspect of all the problems involved in the art of concreting in construction.
Parts of the Content:
- Single volume. Spanish copy.
- Cover page. Cover. Legal page. In memoriam. Index. Text with 25 Chapters: Concrete, Properties of Concrete, Nature of Concrete, Character of Concrete Construction, Cement, Aggregates, Water, Additions, Manufacturing, Formwork, Visible Concrete, Mass Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Reinforcement, Control, Foundations, Linear Elements, Slabs, Stairs and Ramps, Walls, Structural Typology, Laminar Structures, Sheet Metal Construction, Prestressed Concrete, Typology of Prestressed Concrete. Appendix. Bibliography.
Book Description:
- Sewn binding of very good execution, with guillotine cuts.
- The Text and Illustrations are printed in black, very well in ink, with good printing, well centred and with good margins.
- Book printed on white glossy paper, medium thickness and good quality.
- Hard covers of full green editorial fabric, and smooth spine of full green editorial fabric, of good quality.
- The cover is printed in gold "Logo of Rueda Publishing House - Concrete Construction - F. Cassinello".
- The spine has a gold stamp "Construcción Hormigonería - Fernando Cassinello Pérez - Logo of the Rueda Publishing House".
- Thick paper jacket, glossy finish on the outside, printed with similar terms to the cover and spine.
- Medium-weight, smooth, matt off-white paper
- It retains the Mark Pages with the Crack Scale.
Conservation detail:
- The general state of the book is "GOOD".
- On the cover it has the name in pen of the only owner, a student of architecture.
- The book has various notes and pencil annotations in different parts.
- The book has not suffered any external aggressions such as humidity, insect or rodent attacks, etc.
- It has the marks of a very careful use for its study.
- The pages of the text are in good condition, not having any breaks or stains. In very few points there are pencil annotations, signs or underlining. The pages are slightly darkened at the edges due to time.
- The guards are in bad condition, as they have the marks of cello paper as a result of the book being lined.
- The cover and the cuts are well preserved and with little dirt. The top cut is slightly dirtier.
- The dust jacket is in bad condition, with marks of the cello paper product of having been lined the book, breaks in the spine, general deterioration in its edges, and dirt.

Comments: - Both measurements and weight are approximate.
- Ideal book as a study, consultation and entertainment piece.
- Because it is inevitable that there are differences in tones between photos and reality, you must bear in mind that the tones of the colours in the photos are not exactly the same as the tones of the real colours.
- The book presents the wear and tear of its time, as well as some stains. It has small flaws.
- The data provided here are not contrasted personal opinions.

 >> Construction. Concreting. Cassinello. 1974
 >> Construction. Concreting. Cassinello. 1974
 >> Construction. Concreting. Cassinello. 1974
 >> Construction. Concreting. Cassinello. 1974
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