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Miniature Book Julius Caesar. Shakespeare
400€ / 449$
Ref. P.G1.LIB.MIN.2988.JuliusCaesar.Shakespeare

Theme: Theatre about Julius Caesar.
Author: William Shakespeare.
Period: First half of XX Century

Conservation: Good
Measures [Height x Width]  
2.01 x 1.38 inc.
0.60 oz

Editor: Unknown
Printer: Unknown

Description: Pages: 340
Binding: Very well-executed sewn binding.
Soft cloth covers of good workmanship.
Conservation: Good.
Description of contents:
- The Miniature Book contains the play "Julius Caesar", by William Shakespeare.
- It has a full-page engraving, on the Reverse of the Title Page, with a caption corresponding to the scene depicted in the image.
Parts of the Miniature Book:
- Single volume with 340 pages. Copy with the complete text.
- Title page. Engraving. Title page. Brief explanation of the play. Characters. Text.
- Head with a border around the title "Julius Caesar".
Description of the Miniature Book:
- Sewn binding, with guillotined Cuts and untreated rounded corners.
- Black cloth soft covers, with the spine printed in gilt, probably with the title "Julius Caesar".
- Medium-thick covers with printed design.
- Off-white paper, of medium thickness and good quality.
- Black single-colour printing, very good ink, with good stamping, and generally well centred and with good margins.
Conservation and damage:
- Good general condition.
- Binding well sewn, in very good condition.
- The text pages are in very good condition.
- Cuts very well preserved, with minimal rubbing and no soiling. Top edge is slightly darker.
- Gilt stamping on spine very faded and discoloured.
- Covers have several creases and edges are worn.
- The book has not suffered external aggressions such as humidity, insect attacks, rodents, etc.
- The Miniature Book shows wear typical of it's age

Comments: - Both the Measurements and the Weight are approximate.
- To take the photos of the inside pages, they have been held with tweezers.
- Due to the unavoidable differences in tonalities between photos and reality, it must be taken into account that the tones of the colours in the photos are not exactly the same as the tones of the real colours.
- The Book for sale is the one that corresponds to the photos, which in turn are complemented in this Description, with the aim of providing a better knowledge of the Object, and never to be a detailed exposition of the same.
- The data provided here are personal opinions not contrasted.

Books >> Minibooks >> Miniature Book Julius Caesar.  Shakespeare
Books >> Minibooks >> Miniature Book Julius Caesar.  Shakespeare
Books >> Minibooks >> Miniature Book Julius Caesar.  Shakespeare
Books >> Minibooks >> Miniature Book Julius Caesar.  Shakespeare
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