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Desktop clock skeleton. S.XIX.
900€ / 1.010$
Ref. A.G2SV.M.INS.REL.Rnp.0652.Esqueleto

Author: Frederic Japy
Period: Second half of XIX Century

Conservation: Very good
Material: Bronze
Measures [Height x Width x Depth]  
5.31 x 3.43 x 2.28 inc.
13.90 oz

Description: - Small skeleton desktop clock, with a very suggestive image.
- It is the result of a craft work, based on the machinery of the clock, so it is probably a unique piece.
- The machinery of the Clock has a Brand, formed by a watermark with "two crossed ribbons", a "C" in the center and "four stars" at the top, which responds to the Distinctive of the French watchmaker Frederic Japy.
- The machinery, brass or bronze for the most part, is whole and very well preserved, although we have not been able to check its running status. It needs a deep cleaning, review and tuning. In our opinion, it would greatly enhance its appearance by polishing the different parts of the machinery.
- The sphere, made of brass or bronze, shows the machinery from its central part. It is decorated with tips of red and white pebbles marking the hours. One of the white pebbles has come off, which has been preserved in order to get back in place.
- In our opinion it would be interesting to leave the sphere unpolished, so that a very interesting contrast with the polished machinery is achieved.
- The key is missing. The square of the axis to give rope is of 3,5mm x 3,5mm.
- The Clock remains tilted backwards. It would have to be analyzed by a watchmaker, if this is his ideal position, or on the contrary it would be necessary to make a base that positioned the Clock properly.
- For a good conservation it should be protected from environmental dirt.
- Frederic Japy was born in 1749 and died in 1812. He studied with several watchmakers and businessmen. Industrialize the manufacture of watches and other elements. In 1777 he created his own watch factory. In 1806, the factory transferred its children to the Japy Freres brand, diversifying its production.

Comments: - Both the Measures and the Weight are approximate.
- It is very rare to find this type of watches.
- Very interesting as a collection piece and decorative element.
- Spectacular in an illuminated niche, with minimalist decoration.
- It could be spectacular on a wall as a tapestry, giving a touch of color in contrast to a minimalist decoration.
- Because the differences in shades between photos and reality are inevitable, it should be borne in mind that the color tones of the photos are not exactly the same as the tones of the real colors.
- The Object presents the wear and tear of its time, as well as some stains. It has small damage.
- The data provided here are untested personal opinions.

Modern >> Instruments >> Timepieces >> Clocks >> Desktop clock skeleton. S.XIX.
Modern >> Instruments >> Timepieces >> Clocks >> Desktop clock skeleton. S.XIX.
Modern >> Instruments >> Timepieces >> Clocks >> Desktop clock skeleton. S.XIX.
Modern >> Instruments >> Timepieces >> Clocks >> Desktop clock skeleton. S.XIX.
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